Monday, May 17, 2010

Story Time

Things You'll Need: A copy of "Becoming More Powerful Priesthood Holders," by Elder Walter F. González Of the Presidency of the Seventy.

Lesson: Read "Becoming More Powerful Priesthood Holders," by Elder Gonzalez. Discuss the importance of reading good books, especially the Book of Mormon.

Activity: Head to your local library or book store. Start in the children's section and take turns reading your favorite books to each other. Reread The Velveteen Rabbit, Oh The Places You'll Go, Goodnight Moon or other favorites. After you've explored the children's books, suggest adult or adolescent books to each other. What books did you read in high school or more recently that you loved and want to share with your spouse? Check out or purchase one or two of these books to read at home. Or get a book on marriage to read together. Shortly after my husband and I married, we read What We Wish We'd Known When We Were Newlyweds, by John and Kim Bytheway. It was great! We enjoyed it and learned a lot. And it was light-hearted enough that it kept us entertained without making us feel like we were being preached at. We could totally relate to what we were reading. I highly recommend it. Also, books by Joy and Gary Lundberg are great and they've got some good ideas to improve marriages. Although it has some humorous moments, it's a little drier than the John and Kim Bytheway book.

Treat: Fruit Smoothies. Easy to make, good for you... AND oh, so delish! Combine any mixture of fresh or frozen fruit, yogurt, ice cream, and fruit juices (apple is our fave). We usually use ice cream or sherbet and frozen fruit... this eliminates any need for ice. Put in a blender, blend until smooth and ENJOY!

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