Friday, June 4, 2010

Scripture Chase

Things You'll Need: a list of different scriptures. These could be Seminary Mastery scriptures (if you're like me, you could definitely use a brush-up on those), favorite scriptures, a list of topics you have to look up in the Topical Guide and then find your own scripture, scriptures relating to a certain topic, ect. The possibilities are limitless.

Lesson: Each person has their own set of scriptures. Then, take turns choosing scriptures to look up. You might have all the references written on paper slips and in a bowl to be drawn. Or parts of the scripture written out and you have to find the reference (but I'd only do that with fairly well0know scriptures... otherwise you could be there all night). Or topics written on paper slips. Pull a topic out of the bowl and then look it up in the Topical Guide. It's interesting to see what tidbits you can learn this way.

Activity: Discuss your favorite scriptures and why they are your favorites.

Treat: Not sure why, but scripture chases always make me want cookies. Maybe it has something to do with my seminary days? Anyways, a fabulous cookie recipe is always a winner.

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